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We are a mechanotherapeutics company with a focus on Complete Human Collagen(CHC™)

About Us

BrilliantStrings Therapeutics has developed a Complete Collagen biomaterial capable of repairing injured or degenerated connective tissue (e.g. rotator cuff, meniscus, tendinopathy) and wounds. CHC™ can dramatically improve healing, reduce recovery time, and strengthen the injured tissue.

Cost-Effective CHC™ Production

Massive amplification of human cell production of CHC™ via CRISPR. Patent filed.

Stable Complete Collagen Packaged for Delivery

Proprietary liquid-crystal packaging protects complete collagen and controllably delivers it to injury. Patent Filed.


Our science tells us that delivering Complete Collagen will improve outcomes!

Injury Targeting

injury targeting

Collagen molecules “home” to injury caused by enzyme or mechanical damage.



Mechanical force “causes” the assembly of collagen fibers that then resists the force that caused them.

Enhanced Cell Healing

enhanced cell healing

Exogenously added collagen molecules (red and green labelled) self-incorporate into matrix produced by human cells.


BrilliantStrings Founders.

Jeffrey Ruberti

Jeff Ruberti, Ph.D.


Professor of Bioengineering
Northeastern University
Fellow AIMBE 2022

Luke Oh

Luke Oh, M.D.

Consultant Surgeon

Orthopedic Surgeon
Mass General Hospital
Harvard Medical School

JJ Paten

JJ Paten, Ph.D.

Chief Scientist

Lecturing Faculty
Mechanical Engineering
Harvard University

Scott Weiss

Scott Weiss, MBA

Chief Operations

Business Founder
Jackson Oakmont LLC

Shubhro Sen

Shubhro Sen, Ph.D.

Chief Strategist

Led Multiple entities to IPO’s/exits
D’Amore McKim School of Business
Northeastern University


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