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BrilliantStrings is a mechanotherapeutics company with a focus on Complete Human Collagen(CHC™)

About Us

BrilliantStrings Therapeutics has transformed decades of paradigm-shifting academic research in extracellular matrix mechanochemistry and deep expertise in controlling collagen assembly into a unique, healing biomaterial. Our Complete Human Collagen (CHC™) mechano-therapeutic, is capable of rapidly repairing injured or degenerated connective tissue and constitutes “a first-in-class” achievement. The CHC™ delivery platform addresses a very large unmet need for a wide range of Ortho-Musculoskeletal conditions. Our first target market is the Rotator Cuff.

A next generation approach to healing

In comparison to currently available ‘first generation’ therapeutics that are weakly effective, BrilliantStrings has a ‘next generation’ solution: a complete human collagen biomaterial AND platform that makes a quantum leap forward in the effort to produce complete and rapid healing. The company has systematically developed unique know-how to manufacture human collagen at commercial scale as well as the approach to precisely target and deliver a highly-efficient injectable collagen dose directly to the injury site. Together, these technical advances promise to usher in a new paradigm for orthopedic musculoskeletal injury treatment and wound healing.

Stable Complete Collagen Packaged for Delivery

Proprietary liquid-crystal packaging protects complete collagen and controllably delivers it to injury. Patent Filed.

BST is Named as an Awardee in the Johnson & Johnson Innovation and The Johnson & Johnson Family of Companies in Japan Inaugural Smart Healthy Aging QuickFire Challenge

BrilliantStrings is one of only 4 companies to be recognized in the QuickFire Challenge. Focused on products that can benefit the elderly, BST's injectable CHC™ offers patients to heal tendon damage and recover lost mobility and strength.

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Company Background

BrilliantStrings Therapeutics (BSTHX) is a healing biomaterials platform company that provides rapid repair and improved recovery of injured or age-degenerated human connective tissues found throughout the body (as depicted below). Our unique approach to healing transcends current ‘first generation’ collagen therapies and ushers in a new paradigm of active healing in orthopedics. We are the first company to provide a complete human collagen-based healing solution not only for clinically significant tissue tears that require surgical intervention, but also for the millions of people who do not yet qualify for surgery and suffer untreated and in chronic pain.

Injectable Therapeutic

To address the majority of patients pursing orthopedic treatment in the rotator cuff space but presenting an injury that does not require surgical repair, we will offer injections of complete human collagen comprising the same materials as the patch. We take our inner layer patch material, particulate it into micro-particles of dense 400 mg/ml collagen, and suspend the particles in solution to achieve a controlled release, 10 – 200 mg/ml injectable. Our collagen maintains the less stable configuration for dissociation into the wound site, and this is further enhanced by the increased available surface area achieved through the particulation process. Live ultrasound imaging permits the identification and precise locating of the injury. This allows clinicians to deliver the collagen solution within immediate proximity of the tissue damage for rapid repair.


Our science tells us that delivering Complete Collagen will improve outcomes!

Scientific Breakthrough

injury targeting

Collagen molecules “home” to injury and with the proper application of force, will promote the healing process.


BrilliantStrings Team

Jeffrey Ruberti

Jeff Ruberti, Ph.D.


Professor of Bioengineering
Northeastern University
Fellow AIMBE 2022

Jeffrey Ruberti

Martha Shadan, MBA

Board Chairwoman

Former CEO Rotation Medical
Former CEO Miach Orthopaedics
AdvaMed Board Member

Luke Oh

Luke Oh, M.D.

Consultant Surgeon

Medical Director of Orthopaedic Sports Medicine, Rothman Orthopaedics FL & AdventHealth
Head Team Surgeon, Orlando Magic (NBA)

JJ Paten

JJ Paten, Ph.D.

Chief Scientist

Lecturing Faculty
Mechanical Engineering
Harvard University

Scott Weiss

Scott Weiss, MBA

Chief Operations

Business Founder
Jackson Oakmont LLC


BST is Named as an Awardee in Johnson & Johnson Innovation and The Johnson & Johnson Family of Companies in Japan Inaugural Smart Healthy Aging QuickFire Challenge


Lincoln, MA - BrilliantStrings Therapeutics is developing transformative, direct protein therapies to accelerate the healing of soft connective tissues, is pleased to announce that we are one of 4 companies to be selected as an awardee in the Johnson & Johnson Innovation and The Johnson & Johnson Family of Companies in Japan Inaugural Smart Healthy Aging QuickFire Challenge. "This inaugural QuickFire challenge was designed to identify companies and technologies to aid in Japan's aging population. We are thrilled that the team at Johnson & Johnson Innovation and The Johnson & Johnson Family of Companies in Japan recognized the healing properties of CHC™ and the promise it brings to the elderly patient population" said Dr. Jeffrey Ruberti, CEO of BrilliantStrings. "Our injectable CHC™ product is focused on healing tissue damage too small for surgical repair."

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